RSK Community Call, July 2021 — Summary

RSK Community Call — July 2021
  • Sergio Demian Lerner
  • Adrian Eidelman
  • Jose Dahlquist
  • John Light
  • … and hosted by Brendan Graetz
  • RSK Iris hard fork overview
  • RSKIP process
  • RSKIP-201, PowPeg Security
  • RSKIP-170, Pegin to any address
  • RSKIP-219, Pegin minimum reductions
  • RSKIP-176, Flyover

All about RSKIPs

Scheduled Dates for IRIS Activation

Components of Iris network upgrade

  • 18 RSKIPs
  • Release
  • RSKIP 153: Add BLAKE2 compression function F precompile
  • RSKIP 169: Rectify EXTCODEHASH implementation
  • RSKIP 170: 2WP peg-in transactions to any address
  • RSKIP 171: Arbitrary-length data return mechanism
  • RSKIP 174: Preserve balance in contract creation
  • RSKIP 176: Trustless fast BTC bridge
  • RSKIP 179: BTC-RSK timestamp linking
  • RSKIP 181: Add 2WP peg-in transactions reject events
  • RSKIP 185: Add 2WP peg-out transactions events and refund support
  • RSKIP 186: Preserve RSK PowPeg activation block height
  • RSKIP 191: Remove non-Ethereum opcodes from the virtual machine
  • RSKIP 197: Error Handling for Precompiled Contracts
  • RSKIP 199: Bridge performance improvement
  • RSKIP 200: ReceiveHeaders method limitations
  • RSKIP 201: Time-locked Emergency Multisignature
  • RSKIP 218: New fee rewards address for the RSK Core Developers Fund
  • RSKIP 219: Minimum peg-in and peg-out values reduced
  • RSKIP 220: Open Bitcoin blockchain oracle

IRIS Network Upgrade: Changes explained

RSKIP-170: Peg-in to a user-defined RSK address

  • Allow users to peg-in BTC to any address in RSK, EOA or contract.
  • Output with an OP_RETURN op code and certain payload in the transaction
  • Backwards compatible
  • 2WP wallets/tools can provide a much more friendly experience.

RSKIP-219: Reduced minimum peg-in and peg-out values

  • Minimum required values for peg-in and peg-out have been halved.
  • Peg-in minimum: 0.01 → 0.005
  • Peg-out minimum: 0.008 → 0.004
  • Peg-out BTC fees must be less than 20% of the peg-out value.

RSKIP-176: Flyover Protocol

  • Converting BTC to RBTC in just a Bitcoin block is now possible
  • A new market opportunity for liquidity providers
  • Fully decentralized
  • Business rules are written in solidity
  • Bridge remarkable changes
  • Register Bridge UTXOs from a derived powpeg Federation address
  • Secured by the powpeg (HSM, ERP, etc)

The RSKIP Process

RSKIP-201: Powpeg Security

Time-locked Emergency Multisignature

  • DOS Attack against the RSK Mining Network (Very low risk)
  • DOS attack against the majority of the pegnatories (very low risk)
  • Seizure of the majority of the PowHSM devices (low risk)
  • Firmware bugs
  • Flash Memory Failure
  • Board Failure
  • Censorship, Seizure and Ransom Demands.

Q & A

  1. Why is an Emergency and a Hard Fork?


  1. RSK Improvement Proposals — RSKIPs
  2. Discourse Forum
  3. RSK/RIF Developer’s Portal
  4. RSK Open Slack Community
  5. RSKj




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Owanate Amachree

Owanate Amachree

Content Developer | Technical Writer | Editor| Blockchain Enthusiast | Ask me anything about Content Strategy, Technical Documentation and Developer Portals.

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